Legions Of Metal Festival , Chicago, IL

Reggies Rock Club, 19th May 2018, 7.30pm 

History was written! Almost a quarter of a century after Phantom had entered the stage for the last time, it became reality.



From the last Phantom line-up in 1994, singer Falcon Eddie, bassist Charley Buckland and guitarist Eddie Campbell were still on board. They were joined by second guitarist Dustin Primeau and drummer Charlie Zeleny. The latter had already performed live together with the Speed Metal band Whiplash. 


Long before the concert you could find the Phantom musicians in the audience, talk to them and take pictures with the band members. They were very fan-friendly. Of course, I also had the opportunity to take pictures with them. 


The setlist was kept very secret. However, if you took a look at the last compilation CD "Violence Of Twilight", then you could imagine that these songs would be played live. The band has put together their own favorite songs on this release. And so it happened!  The eleven tracks on this CD were played live at the venue. 

They started with my personal favorite song - "Alive & Well". The musicians acted really convincing right from the start. Lots of activity on the stage. Everyone noticed that they wanted to show that they are back with a strong thunder. 

Unfortunately, only a few people were able to notice this phenomenal beginning because another band was still playing on the smaller stage next door. Therefore the room was a bit empty at first but that changed very quickly. By the time the second song "Big Daddy" started it had attracted a lot more Metal Maniacs. While I was already floating in other spheres, the room filled up and the band enjoyed the show. 

At the end of the third song "Cyberchrist" I noticed a small musical discrepancy. But I'm sure nobody else noticed, hahaha. This was absolutely forgivable! After all, the band was only able to rehearse once for this line up. The initial drummer had to be replaced just a week before. My deepest respect that everything came together so well.

"The Pleasure Of Pain" from the great second album was next. You cannot  put into words what happened then. .

The fabulous singer "Falcon Eddie" actually managed to sound even better than on the album. He sang with such a great passion and feeling. I was absolutely overwhelmed with joy. After having seen several hundred concerts in my life, someone has been able to bring me to tears of joy. Oh my god! A heavy metal fan with tears in the front row. All the hopes. The long wait! Now this incredibly powerful band on stage right in front of me. Everything came over me at this moment. It was such an intense feeling of happiness for me.

With the speedy "Preying With The Mantis" I was back on track.
Wild headbanging!!! 


"Maybe you have never heard the next song before.
We do it anyway!"

Yeah, it was time for "Violence Of Twilight".
"Falcon Eddie" also mentioned their Merchandise Table. There were nice shirts, CDs, Koozies and the beautiful vinyl singles with the now performed song. 



"Queen Of The Damned" once again showed how important the old band members Charley Buckland and Eddie Campbell are for Phantom. They held all the musical threads together and created a stable base. 

When the guys played "Wolves At The Door" I was close to tears again. This breathtaking vocal performance can compete with the very big singers in the heavy metal world. You do not believe that? Then take a look at this live video :

Shredding guitars, pumping bass, thunderous drums and a high-pitched scream.. Let's go to the "Well of Souls" and drink a cup full of pure Metal! A new song that can only be found on the Best Of CD followed. When Falcon Eddie held the microphone in front of me, I had to sing along: "FISH BELLY WHITE".. These three seconds were by far the worst vocal performance of the concert, hahaha.. But I was happy to be a part of the concert for a few seconds. Thanks, Eddie! 

45 minutes were scheduled for Phantom. 44 minutes had passed! The fans screamed: "ONE MORE!" Luckily they were allowed to play the single B-side "Lost In L.A." An amazing concert has ended after 47 minutes! 



I immediately grabbed Falcon Eddie's setlist and got it signed by all Phantom musicians. After that I was not able to concentrate on other bands of the festival. What I had just experienced could not be exceeded anyway! I hope the band will continue and eventually have their first gig in Europe someday! Believe me! The one who books this band will get an awesome killer band for his line up.

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